What Dog Food do you use?


I – HardRockBullys  have been using The Pride Dog food now since 2006.  I know there are better dog foods out there but originally I was paying $18 for a 50lb bag.  Since I had a lot of dogs that was pretty good.  Over the years the prices have gone up and since I have moved to a new location the supplier near me sells it for $24.50 a bag.   The one I mostly use is the Green bag which is 26% Protein and 18% Fat.   On occasion when the supplier was out of the green bag I would use the orange bag which had 27% Protein and 20% Fat.  Meat meal is the first ingredient then rice, corn, chicken fat and so on.  If you are interested in learning more about this dog food you can go to my LINKS page and go to The Pride website.  It as a store locator on the site also.   Now if you are looking for the best dog food, there is another link on that page that has evaluated many dog foods and ranked them.

So what do you use?  Why?  How much is it?  Where do you get it?  etc?


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